You Are Not Alone! You Are Loved! is an ongoing photo essay project that documents the stories of members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender community.  The unique thing is we tell each person’s story by creating two photographs.  The first picture represents how each person felt growing up and the second one shows how they feel now.  These pictures are designed to reflect the subject’s journey through life in a compelling way.  Each set of photos is accompanied by a deeply personal story written by the subject as they reveal how they walked through the homophobia and fear of their past and found a future of hope.

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Photo shoots are free, because we want to document everyone’s story and not just the people who can afford it.  But because we don’t charge for the photographs, all of our funding comes from people who believe in this project.  Without funding we can’t pay for the equipment, studio time, props, etc.  So, if you would like to help this project succeed, please take a moment and donate what ever you can.  Any donation would mean more than you know.

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  • Erin Patineo

    Erin Patineo

    Erin thought she was comfortable with who she was, she was strong and confident and knew what she wanted in life. As one of the most important moments in her life she started to question how strong she really was. The people closest to her where hurting her the most, she was a normal girl and all she wanted was a normal wedding, so why was it turning into such a big deal? Why was her wedding turning into a freak show?

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  • Keri Abrams

    Keri Abrams

    Keri’s path to self acceptance was a long one. longer than most. It took her four marriages to figure out who she was. She struggled with questions that at the time were almost imposable to get the answer to. She realized that no matter how many time she got married is was never comfortable being the man in the relationship.

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  • Mark Gaddis

    Mark Gaddis

    Mark lived a long part of his life in confusion, no matter where he turned, no matter what he did, he always felt lost, and never comfortable with who he is. That all changed when he admitted to himself that he was gay and learned to accept himself for that. In doing so, the world opened up for him and he came to realized that no matter what he did he would always be gay.

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